ConsenseKit - build consensus for hard tech decisions

As a software engineer, your job is hard enough. Solving technical problems and implementing efficient solutions is just part of the daily struggle. Every once in a while, though, the decisions you make have the potential to dramatically impact the business that pays your bills. I’m talking about:

  1. deciding to refactor
  2. deciding to pay down “technical debt” and
  3. deciding to invest in reducing software complexity.

Free Resources for Startups, Brands and Designers - Updated 2019

I’m keeping these links safe, but not secret. These resources are freely available to download and have permissive licensing to use in your projects. I want to re-share these as much as I can, but I also need a place where I won’t lose them over time. Up on the blog they go!

In Search of Innovation: The language of jobs-to-be-done theory

One of the main reasons that people hire me is to code. The reason that I say that is because I am using the language of the “jobs-to-be-done” or JTBD theory of how to understand problems and solutions/services.

The Beautiful VR Game

I was happy to be able to put my Gear VR back in action; I haven’t used it much since doing some testing and prototyping for projects at Sovilon Studios. I’ve watched soccer games in VR a couple years back, but the experience is now much more appealing and indeed special. So what’s it like?

Introducing Incentives for Seamless Showing Scheduling in Real Estate

Every real estate agent can tell you this. Booking showings is part of their job that sucks and gets in the way of a seamless experience for their clients. This is because it is a coordination challenge that involves a large group of people who sometimes have differing motives and lack reasons to coordinate. This problem has affected the industry for many years, and is difficult to solve. But today, we will try.