Hypotheses Management

Whether your architecting a codebase or building a business plan, leaving a trail of hypotheses is like a GPS for helping you stay on track. Transform raw ideas into testable claims, & plant the seeds for growth.

Experiments Development

Put science to work & build your knowledge. Sovilon Startups integration means less time spent transitioning between stages and more time innovating for your customers. Bundling both with us saves time & money.

Incentives Integration

Transform science expenses into green 💵 growth fuel. Seamlessly integrate your science practice with claims for the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) incentive tax credit.

Trees of Knowledge

Without a good way to track your knowledge progress, you risk dropping the seeds that will define your business tomorrow. The future of business is more flexible, more dynamic and more demanding. By the law of the jungle, your business must evolve, too - or risk extinction.

We can help you with:

  • Literature Review - extend existing classification frameworks or map the landscape
  • Temporal Visualization - view your hypotheses trail as an ongoing, evolving timeline.

SR&ED Compatibility

The Scientific Research & Experimental Development (pronounced "shred") program is a tax credit incentive towards the progress of technological and scientific advancements for Canadians. Learn More

We can help you with:
  • Technical Writing - gather and organize hypotheses, project scope and experiment results and analysis. Content written for intended purpose of demonstrating scientific advancement.
  • Contemporaneous Documentation - our existing toolset for tracking time is collected and queried by tags. This dataset can be exported and transformed into any format required by your SR&ED claim processor.

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